Importance of research infrastructure

Importance of research infrastructure

Both reactors and related infrastructure are a unique research infrastructure for Czech nuclear research and development. Their importance lies in the ensuring research excellence and maintaining professional know-how in key technologies areas such as materials research, reactor physics, nuclear safety, waste and radioactive waste treatment.

The results obtained on the research infrastructure are also used interdisciplinary – like experiments for the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering or instrumentation and process control.

The reactor LVR-15 has the potential to become a regional partner research infrastructure to Jules Horowitz Reactor in Cadarache. In the meantime, before the full commissioning of the reactor JHR in 2020, the LVR-15 will strengthen its international position due to the decommissioning of similar reactors in the world.

The reactor LVR-15 is linked to another large research infrastructures ‘CANAM’ by providing its horizontal channels to form a workplace with neutron beams for Institute of Nuclear Physics ASCR on which basic research in the neutron physics is conducted.

Importance of the research infrastructure is further strengthened with the start-up of new experimental equipment of the project SUSEN, in particular the new experimental loops for material research, including modeling of operating conditions and parameters of GEN IV reactors and for fusion technologies. These newly constructed experimental loops will be installed directly into LVR-15 reactor core. Infrastructure SUSEN therefore, like CANAM, will depend on the operation of infrastructure reactors.